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Library Draconium

Personal Library of Malchior Geist

Welcome to Library Draconium, a personal website and library pertaining to draconity, nonhumanism, mythology, psychology, and various other eclectic but personally important topics.


Please be aware that this site may contain content that is unsafe or uncomfortable for younger audiences, controversial topics, and exploration of unusual and unconventional subcultures which may appear offensive or immoral to those who are not immediately involved with said subcultures.


However, it is my hope that by reading through the pages of this online library that those outside of these subcultures may come to understand and respect them, as well as to provide those who are curious with a source of information directly from these subcultures themselves.


If you are viewing this website, I ask that you remain open minded and unbiased while you are here, and do not pass judgment quickly, for there are many ideas and beliefs surrounding the topics depicted here and not all will be immediately congruent with your way of thinking.


It is also important to note that, while I aim to spread knowledge and goodwill both among the subcultures I am part of and the people outside of them, I am in no way a voice for the community at large. I am simply a fan of learning and teaching, and I will gladly share my own experiences in hopes that they allow others to come to an understanding of me and others like me, and possibly even themselves.


You must be 13 years or older to view the content of this website.


Some content of this website may be inappropriate for visitors under 18 years of age. These areas are clearly marked as adult and contain imagery and concepts inappropriate for minors.

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